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Welcome to Interactive Japanese for Self-study


This language CD is a comprehensive multimedia workbook. It is designed for you to have the opportunity to practise all skills at beginner's level Japanese even if you can't easily meet with a native Japanese speaker. It is not intended to be a textbook, and you will probably wish to consult a grammar book, textbook or, if you have one, your teacher as the lessons go by. You will also need to learn the kana (hiragana and katakana) before beginning.

The lessons are divided between two parts.

Part 1: Foundations

In the first part, the focus is on building up grammar, expressions and sentence structures. It is designed to allow you to start using the language and to stimulate your creativity in constructing sentences of your own.

Part 2: Conversation

In the second part, actual expressions are introduced as they are used in Japanese conversation. These often differ from one's expectations based on other languages, and this part of the lesson is designed to help you speak Japanese in a natural and fluent way.

How to Use